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Steve Malone


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Welcome to the personal website of Dr Steve Malone FSA MCIfA, Archaeologist. The legioxx domain name is a holdover from my PhD studies. Rather than let it lapse, it is here repurposed into a personal website highlighting some of my work and research interests. The original Twentieth Legion website still lives (if no longer regularly maintained) under the link below.

I have worked as an archaeologist for over 30 years, largely in the East Midlands and East of England, but with forays as far afield as North Yorkshire, Cornwall and Kent. Long ago for the then Trent & Peak Archaeological Trust, based at Nottingham University, subsequently for many years with Archaeological Project Services within Heritage Lincolnshire, and in more recent years for York Archaeology, our Nottingham office being the the heir to Trent & Peak Archaeology, but no longer under that name (and no longer on campus; they knocked down the whole department building years ago now).

In that time I have excavated on sites ranging from Mam Tor hill-fort in the Peak District to deeply stratified urban deposits in the City of Lincoln; undertaken extensive geophysical surveys from a Neolithic cursus in the Trent Valley to Roman settlement in the fenland; surveyed historic parkland and historic buildings and much else besides.

A particular interest has been the use of lidar for archaeological and landscape survey. From early beginnings persuading helpful Environment Agency contacts that I had a legitimate (non-commercial) interest and could I have all of that newly surveyed data of the Lincolnshire fenland, please, to today's open data environment where there is almost too much (and more once all of the National Lidar Programme data drops). Some uses of that will be found through the links below, as well as forays into the open lidar releases of Denmark, Germany, [Netherlands and Spain].

You can find my LinkedIn page here (and also discover how infequently I update it; but I do get messages/notifications).

Some of my work also makes it over onto Academia.edu (when I get round to it you should find it all here also).

Legio XX Valeria Victrix

Fenland Lidar

3D Modelling

Hadrian's Wall

EA Lidar + Historic OS